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      What Is a Cardlock?

      Cardlocks are fully automated commercial fueling stations that provide gasoline, diesel and other services and are designed to be accessible for both large commercial trucks and cars.  All stations are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
      Masco owns and operates ten cardlock sites in Western Washington and provides access to thousands of additional sites throughout the United States and Canada.

      Discover the Benefits of a Cardlock

      Sign up for online account access

      • Cards are issued to every driver or vehicle in a fleet along with an access code
        allowing for secure transactions
      • Cards can only be used for fuel or motor oil purchases which prohibits unauthorized expenses
      • Easily track purchase details per card including:
        • Type of fuel purchase
        • Cardlock location
        • Time of transaction
        • Unit price and quantity of fuel purchased
        • Automated miles per gallon calculation
        • Drivers’ identification
      • Easy in-and-out access allowing for quicker transactions and getting the driver back on the road sooner
      • Helps you take control over the buying practices of your drivers.
        • Product type
        • Gallons per transaction limits
        • Overall daily and monthly quantity limits
        • Time of day and day of week card usage
        • No lost receipts or unauthorized purchases to worry about.

      Want a card?

      Click and type the fillable Masco Credit Application .  Print and submit by mail or fax.

      Mail to:  
      PO Box 43
      Aberdeen WA 98520
      Fax to:  360-538-1559


      To sign up for Electronic Invoices and Payments, please complete enrollment form and mail or fax. Click here for  E-Invoice

      How the Cardlock System Works

      Step 1:   Every driver or vehicle in fleet is issued a cardlock network access card encoded with billing and security numbers and product access information specific to the individual customer
      Step 2:   Insert the card.  Enter the pump # and pin # when prompted.  You can also use your card to purchase motor oil.
      Step 3:   Begin pumping.

      Product Offerings:

      • High speed diesel pumps
      • Dyed/Off-road diesel
      • Unleaded
      • Premium Unleaded
      • Ethanol Free Unleaded
      • Ethanol Free Premium Unleaded
      • Racing gas
      • Biodiesel
      • Motor oil

      Reporting capabilities

      Invoices contain extensive reporting information including:

      • Driver fueling location
      • Date and time of fueling
      • Odometer readings
      • MPG performance
      • Product description
      • Price
      • Amount of transaction


      Click for a  Sample Masco Invoice

      Pacific Pride Cardlock Locations
      (Pacific Pride card required)

          • Aberdeen               2020 Port Industrial Road  Aberdeen WA 98520
          • Bremerton             400 Wilkes Avenue  Bremerton WA 98312
          • Burien                    18207 8th Avenue Burien WA 98166
          • Elma                       4700 State Route 12  Elma WA 98541
          • Forks                      221 Industrial Center  Forks WA 98331
          • Lakewood              12605 Pacific Highway SW Lakewood WA 98499
          • Montesano            412 Main Street South  Montesano WA 98563
          • Port Angeles         516 Tumwater Truck Route  Port Angeles WA 98363
          • Raymond               750 Franklin Street  Raymond WA 98577
          • Shelton                  221 East Mill Street  Shelton WA 98584
          • South Aberdeen    112 North Boone Street Aberdeen WA 98520

      CFN Locations
      (CFN card required)

          • Aberdeen              311 NW Boulevard  Aberdeen WA 98520
          • Aberdeen              2630 Port Industrial Road  Aberdeen WA 98520
          • Forks                     392 La Push Road  Forks WA 98331
          • Hoquiam               128 Highway 101 Hoquiam WA 98550
          • McKenna               35618 Highway 507  McKenna WA 98558
          • Montesano           714 S. Main Street  Montesano WA 98563
          • Raymond              451 S. Franklin  Raymond WA 98577
          • Port Angeles        605 S. Tumwater Truck Route  Port Angeles WA  98363
          • Port Angeles        501 Marine Drive  Port Angeles WA 98363
          • Port Townsend     23 Seton Road  Port Townsend WA 98368
          • Sequim                  71 Carlsborg Road Sequim WA 98382
          • Shelton                  109 N Front Street  Shelton WA 98584
          • Westport               1215 North Montesano Street  Westport WA 98595

      Contact Information

      Aberdeen Office                        
      110 Commerce Street
      Aberdeen, WA 98520
      Phone:  360.537.9744
      Toll-Free:  1-877-537-9744
      Fax:  360-538-1559

      Port Angeles Office
      727 Marine Drive
      Port Angeles, WA 98363
      Phone: 360.452.6264
      Fax: 360.452.6188

      Forks Office
      392 La Push Road
      Forks, WA 98331
      Phone: 360.374.5138
      Fax: 360.374.5158

      Westport Marina
      361 E Dock Street
      Westport, WA 98595
      Phone: 360.268.0076

    • Bulk Fuel Delivery

      Take Advantage of Cardlock Perks - Sign Up Masco Petroleum offers dependable and timely delivery of diesel and gasoline products directly to your commercial or industrial location.  We offer mobile refueling to your fleet either by truck-to-truck (wet hosing) or with a bulk drop to a tank.

      Tanks for your bulk oil storage are available based on volumes.

      Gasoline Products

          • Unleaded - 87 octane
          • Midgrade Unleaded – 89 octane
          • Premium Unleaded – 91 octane
          • Non-Ethanol Premium Unleaded
          • Non-Ethanol Unleaded

      Masco Fuel truck


      Diesel Fuel Products

      #2 ULSD (Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel – 15 parts/million sulfur)

          • Dyed - off-road
          • Clear - on-road

      #1 ULSD (Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel – 15 parts/million sulfur) - available during cold weather months

          • Dyed - off-road
          • Clear - on-road

      Contact Information

      Rick Foster      360.580.1202     rickf@mascopetroleum.com
      Phil Kalisch     360.581.4888     philk@mascopetroleum.com

    • Lubricants

      Masco Petroleum is a distributor of premium Mobil lubricant products in Washington state and the surrounding markets.  We supply automotive, commercial and industrial customers with the highest quality lubricants available.

      We operate a state-of-the art bulk and packaged goods facility that is certified to ensure product quality and integrity.  Whether you are a quick-lube facility, maintaining a fleet of trucks or involved with manufacturing at any scale, we can provide you with the products and services to make your business succeed.


      Masco Petroleum provides a full range of services which showcases our dedication to being a complete solution for our clients:

      • Customized Lubrication Program development and management including
        • Lubricant selection and planning
        • Program audits
        • Inventory Consolidation and Management
        • Oil analysis program development and management
        • Storage and handling
        • Lubrication related training programs
        • Equipment Solutions (tanks, pumps, etc.)
      • Advanced Technical Services
        • Lubricant Oil Analysis
        • Pre-Filtered Guarantee
        • Used Oil Disposal
        • Plant Lubrication Survey
        • Lubrication Consolidation
        • Storage & Handling Study
        • Training


      Masco Petroleum’s product mix provides complete coverage of our client’s lubricant needs:

      • Compressor Lubricants
      • Hydraulic Oil
      • Turbine Oil
      • Engine Oil
      • Machining/Cutting Oil
      • Water-based Cleaners
      • Environmentally Safe Oil
      • Gear Oil
      • Rust Preventatives
      • Biodegradable Lubricants
      • Grease
      • Seal Barrier Fluids
      • Trucking
      • Heat Transfer Fluids
      • Transmission Fluids
      • DEF Fluid to meet the chemical needs of newer diesel vehicles
      • CRC Products:
      • Battery cleaner
      • Brakleen
      • Lubepower
      • Electra-Motive
      • Baldwin Filters


      Masco Petroleum provides products & services to a diverse set of industries that includes:

          • Auto dealerships
          • Lube shops
          • Pulp & Paper
          • Agriculture
          • Logging & Mining
          • Railroad
          • Marine
          • Construction
          • General Manufacturing
          • Trucking
          • Aviation
          • Food processing

      No matter what type of industry you are in, Masco Petroleum provides solutions to help you lower lubricant-related costs, improve equipment reliability and reduce inventory costs.

      Contact Information

      If you would like information on any of our products or would like to know how we can meet your lubrication needs, please contact one of our trained and dedicated sales representatives.
      Bill Tometich           360.581.4402         billt@mascopetroleum.com
      Duane DeNotta       206.510.3560         duaned@mascopetro.com
      Sean Mason            360.580.0898        seanm@mascopetroleum.com
      Sean McNeally       360.580.0267         seanmc@mascopetro.com
      Phil Arbeiter           360.640.4444        phila@mascopetroleum.com


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    • Mason Trucking

      Mason Trucking Inc. has been an industry leader in heavy equipment transport since 1986.  Serving Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana, we utilize a diverse array of equipment including special trucks and trailers to get your heavy equipment moved.

      Our trained, experienced staff specialize in over-dimensional and overweight cargo and are accustomed to working with permits while maintaining the highest levels of safety.  Our drivers are intensely trained so they arrive to you both knowledgeable and highly experienced.  We service many market sectors including construction, logging and manufacturing industries.


      Mason Trucking offers:

      •  Fleet of 60–100 ton lowboy trailers
      • Capacity to haul “superloads”
      • General trailers to 11 axle set-ups
      • Arrangement of all permits and escorts
      • Experienced drivers in all types of equipment and applications
      • Own truck maintenance and repair shop preventing breakdowns

      Type of equipment we frequently transport:

      • Log Yarders
      • Log Skidders
      • Feller Bunchers
      • Excavators
      • Wheel loaders
      • Bulldozers
      • All other types of logging and construction equipment
      • Mill equipment
      • Marine equipment


      Contact Information

      If you would like additional information regarding Mason Trucking please contact the supervisor.

      Arie Callaghan            360-581-4401        ariec@masontruckingco.com


      Quote Request Form

      Contact Information








    • Trailer Services Company


      Trailer Services Company is a full-service trucking company offering a variety of full truckload freight transport and shipping services to a broad range of industries in the Northwest.  With our growing fleet of trucks and trailers, a crew of in-house drivers with years of driving experience and an outstanding safety record, we have established ourselves as a premier trucking company on the West Coast.

      Whether you have one load or a high volume of loads, Trailer Services Co. can provide a dedicated dispatcher to assist in the complex logistics required to ensure your needs are met in an efficient and timely manner.

       As part of our truckload services we provide the following:

      • Qualified, dependable and safe drivers to handle your loads
      • Computerized tracking of each load
      • On-time pickup and delivery
      • Competitive pricing
      • Custom appointment scheduling
      • Operate own truck maintenance and repair shop preventing breakdowns

      Trailer equipment offered:

      • 53’ Flatbeds, Maxi Flats
      • Super Chassis
      • Dry vans
      • Curtain vans


      Looking for employment?  Click here for Trailer Services Application

      Contact Information

      For dispatch information, please contact the following:

      Nicole Hill                   360.480.5491               nicoleh@trailerservices.net
      Roger Holcomb          360.580.1647               roger@trailerservices.net
      Sandy Tometich         360.532.1821                sandy@trailerservices.net

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      Company Information

      Shipping Information


  • Company

    • About Us


      Company History

      What started in the early 1980’s as a logging and trucking company has evolved into Masco Petroleum, a family-owned fuel and lubricant distributor serving Western Washington since 1999. As an unbranded fuel and Mobil lubricant supplier, Masco Petroleum has grown 400% in the past 4 years and continues to grow at an accelerated pace. This growth shows commitment from both our customers and our employees who believe in a company that will treat them fairly and has passion for the industry

      Our Service

      Masco prides itself on unprecedented customer service. From order through delivery, Masco will ensure a smooth process. Our sales staff will work with you to deliver the most economical and effective solution to your fuel and lubricant needs and our experienced drivers will deliver your product safely, on time and as ordered. At the main office, our administrative staff works tirelessly to provide our customer's with support and information.

      What we offer

      Fuels:  Masco Petroleum is a Pacific Pride and CFN Franchisee that is committed to meeting all of your cardlock needs. In addition to cardlock fueling, Masco offers bulk fuel deliveries from our fleet of single axle delivery trucks, to our truck and trailer transports.
      Lubricants:  Masco is a distributor of Mobil, Exxon, and Mobil 1 lubricants. From car dealerships and truck shops to sawmills and the maritime industry, Masco has a program for you.
      Marine Fueling:  Masco owns and operates the fueling terminal at Westport, WA and is licensed by the Coast Guard to deliver fuel to your boat from our truck and trailer transports.
      Race Fuels:  Masco is the premier distributor of Turbo Blue Race Fuels, which is manufactured by Sunoco. Our full line of race fuels can be added to our Mobil 1 oils for the ultimate racing package.
      Ancillary products:  Full line of Baldwin filters, wiper blades, degreasers, solvents, oil analysis kits, fuel/lube tanks, and pumps.

      Our Facilities

      Masco Petroleum has offices and storage locations in Westport and Aberdeen, WA. Our main office and distribution point for Western Washington is located in Aberdeen, WA. This state-of-the-art bulk lubricant re-packaging facility provides over 60,000 gallons of liquid storage and 15,000 square feet of warehouse space.

      Our Westport, WA facility houses an office, storage, loading rack and fuel dock. Truly a one stop shop for our marine customers.  Masco has made substantial investments in recent years to provide quality service to our growing customer base.

      Our Customers

      Masco has a growing presence in the Northwest and prides itself on its caliber and diversity of customers. With over 5,000 customers, we proudly serve many different industries from timber, trucking, manufacturing and maritime. Our customers look to establish a business partner in the oil industry and we are here to help grow their businesses.

  • Contact Us

    • Contact Us

      Masco Petroleum

      110 Commerce Street
      Arberdeen, WA 98520
      Toll Free:1-877-537-9744

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      We Would Love to Hear From You

      Whether you’re looking for more information, or you’d like to let us know how we did, you’ll find easy ways to contact us right here.




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