Business Card Application


Please fill out all of the mandatory fields* for your business account and submit for approval. Once we have successfully received your application, we will have an answer to you within 72 hours. 




  • To enroll in automatic ACH bank payment, please fill out the account information to be submitted by Masco Petroleum to your financial institution on the 10th of each month.


  • In order to provide the highest level of security for our cardholders, there are several parameters that may be established to make the fuel cards less susceptible to theft. Each business may choose to place the following restrictions:
  • :
    The time that the fuel card will be allowed access to fuel pumps.
  • :
    The time the fuel card will NO longer have access to fuel pumps.
    This will allow a business that operates Monday through Friday only to restrict fuel card access on the weekends. The default will be all days if not specified.
  • Select the number of transactions that a fuel card is allowed to process each day. Note: If diesel and DEF are purchased together it is equal to two transactions.
  • Estimate of the monthly dollar amount of product that will be needed. This will help establish a card limit.



  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

MASCO PETROLEUM shall provide the automated fueling services desired by the company or individual, who has applied for, accepted, and/or which name appears on the issued FUEL ACCESS CARD or account (hereinafter referred to as “Customer”). Subject to payment and fuel access terms set forth below, customer agrees to pay Masco for fueling transactions completed through the use of the Fuel Access Cards issued to customer in the amount invoiced by Masco Petroleum.

PAYMENT TERMS: Customer agrees to pay for all fueling transactions completed by Customer or any person using Customer’s Fuel Access Card(s) and for all other monetary obligations to Masco Petroleum set forth in this Fuel Access Card Agreement. This access card is not a credit card. By signing this application, it is understood that the Federal Truth in Lending Act and the $50.00 liability limit for unauthorized use of t his access card DO NOT APPLY.

Payment Upon Receipt of Invoice: Customer acknowledges that statements are billed the last day of the month and payment in full is due upon receipt of the statement. Customer agrees to pay finance charges at the rate of 1 ½ % monthly (18% APR) of total amount (after applying all payments and/or credits) remaining unpaid 30 days or more. Failure to pay the invoiced amounts as agreed will result in automatic termination of Customer’s Fuel Access Card(s).

Default by Customer/Rights of Masco Petroleum: In the event of Customer’s default in making any payments in full when due (i.e., Customer’s death, bankruptcy, insolvency, any other violation of this Fuel Access Card Agreement), all or any portion of Customer’s obligation to Masco Petroleum shall become immediately due and payable. In the event of Customer’s death, the household and/or estate shall be responsible for paying the account in full. In addition, Masco may in its sole discretion and at anytime, without notice, cause or liability to Customer, or in any way affecting Customer’s obligation to Masco, reduce or cancel fuel access availability to Customer, revoke any customer discount and retain the right to refuse any further fuel sales.

Notification of Change of Address/ Phone: Customer will promptly notify Masco Petroleum of any changes in residence, mailing address or phone number.

FUEL ACCESS TERMS: Customer agrees that the fueling transactions completed by Customer or any person using Customer’s Fuel Access Card(s) are subject to the following additional fuel access conditions: Security Numbers: Customer agrees that the security numbers assigned to each Fuel Access Card must be kept confidential by Customer, and that Customer’s failure to do so may result in unauthorized fuel purchases completed through the use of a lost or stolen Fuel Access Card, which shall be charged to the customer as a normal purchase. To limit the Customer’s liability, a stolen, lost, or misplaced card should immediately (within 24 hours) be reported to Masco Petroleum by calling 360-537-9744.

Indemnity Agreement/Customer: Customer shall hold harmless, Masco Petroleum, from and against any and all claims, fees, suits, judgments, penalties, remediation expenses or other charges of any kind (herein after referred to collectively as “loss”) or threatened loss to which Masco Petroleum may sustain or incur arising out of Customer’s (or anyone using Customer’s Fuel Access Cards) use of the issued Fuel Access Car ds and/or Masco Petroleum’s fueling equipment.

Governing Law, Collection Expenses and Venue: All terms and provisions to this Fuel Access Card Agreement shall be interpreted and governed by the laws of the State of Washington. Customer agrees that the venue for any action arising out of the collection and/or enforcement of this Agreement shall be in the County of Grays Harbor, State of Washington. Customer agrees to pay any and all expenses incurred by Masco Petroleum (including fees for legal services & costs of every kind) to collect, defend, or assert the right of Masco Petroleum to obtain the payment of expenses, finance charges and indebtedness relating to this account.